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 Resto Druid

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PostSubject: Resto Druid   Resto Druid EmptyMon Sep 15, 2008 3:35 am

Name: Crispycow
Class: Druid
Spec: Resto 2/0/59

Why do I want to join: I just recently moved here to Bonechewer, from Greymane (PvE). I got very bored of the server, not a whole lot of raiding guilds, and no world PvP. (Always wanted to do World PvP) Now I'm looking to raid, and I noticed this guild. I have met a few of your guild members and they treated me with Respect and Kindness. That alone sparked my interest to join upon this guild.

Raiding times: This is the not-so-good part. I work at a Grocery Store, and their schedualing is very...unpredictable. Weekends, however, are sometimes no problem for me.

Will I contribute: Of course I will. Im always looking to make new friends and be loyal to others when needed.

Expereince: As a healer, I have raided and fully cleared Kara, and healed Gruul's Lair once. (As said earlier, Greymane wasnt the greatest Server) I am always willing to learn, and willing to do whatever it takes to make myself better as a healer.

Do I have Ventrillo: Yes

Past guild: My past guild was a smaller family guild "Fools Rush In" Very nice people, but did not tend to raid often. Just Kara and a few heroics.

Info of Myself: Hmm, where do I begin? Well, I work full time at a little gerocery store names "Martins" Not my favorite job in the world, but it pays and helps me get around. I am a weightlifter, and a sports fan.

Thats really all thats intresting about me. I'm hoping to join your guild and raid with you all very soon!
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Resto Druid
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