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 hellscry fury/dps

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PostSubject: hellscry fury/dps   hellscry fury/dps EmptyWed Aug 20, 2008 11:44 pm

Character name:hellscry
Spec:fury, can
Armory Link

Why do you want to join PoL:i want to join PoL becuase i want to finish the bosses in hyjal and bt that i started with the guild force of will. i got to 4/5 hyjal and 3/9 bt, but the crappy thing is they disbanded. ur guild seems like a guild that can achieve more then i have experienced and that is what i am looking for.
Can you make raid times: i can make all raid times unless some emergency pops up (cuse they do happen to everyone) but i will notify an officer if i can not make it.
Can you contribute: i can contribute to this guild because i know how endgame guilds work and i was never the one making the stupid mistakes (gorefiend)
Raid Experience: 4/5 hyjal 3/9 bt
Ventrilo use: i can use ventrilo wenever needed and im usually always using it.

Past guild(s)/reason(s) for leaving: the guild got disbanded.
Basic info about yourself: i am 17, I like playing games and downing bosses
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hellscry fury/dps Empty
PostSubject: hey hellscry   hellscry fury/dps EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 3:22 pm

GM ubbernoobie

Pst me ingame and i will toss ya an invite to the guild or if i see you online first i shall toss you an invite then. 1 of our fury warriors is actually quitting the game so there is a free spot.
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hellscry fury/dps
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