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 Defacments out for a bit.

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Defacments out for a bit. Empty
PostSubject: Defacments out for a bit.   Defacments out for a bit. EmptyThu Aug 07, 2008 5:36 am

I wasn't able to make tonight's raid because my computer's windows system isn't able to boot up anymore. Right now, Im using the awful terrible awful computer that wont even let me install WoW, let alone raid on it. I plan on taking mine into Best Buy or something and having them do something, or I may get a loaner rig from a friend.

If anyone knows how I can fix it, this is what happens:
It starts up normal, but before it gets to the XP Loading screen, it asks, "Start windows normal, safe mode blah blah blah" Regardless of which I pick, after about 3 seconds on the loading screen where the little blue bars go across, the screen goes blue real quick, and then repeats the process, thus, never actually really booting up.

If the officers need a leo tank, I am pretty confortable giving one of them my account info so somebody can play my toon. Just have one of them call my Cell Phone: 517-392-2774.

I really hope to get my peice of shit running again soon,
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Defacments out for a bit.
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